Tuesday, 17 September 2019


Who  remembers the old YELLOW PAGES strap line 'Let your fingers do the walking?' With the advent of mobile phones the chunky yellow book that you used to look up local businesses/ tradesmen  has been resigned to the back of a cupboard or bin.

The saying is nevertheless relevant. My fingers don't flick through pages anymore they simply tap the keys on my mobile to get information before leaving the house.

I love an app called Mysupermarket which allows you to look up where to find the cheapest prices on food.  My favourite money saving thing is to use the browse button to find what is on offer in particularly fruit and vegetables which is a big chunk of my budget.

This week I learned  that Tesco's have:

6 British apples £1 instead of £1.60
Red seedless grapes 500g £1 instead of £2
2.5kg white potatoes £1 instead of  £1.50
Pineapple 59p instead of  £1
Broccoli  39p instead of 65p
Small bananas bag 67p instead of  90p
Figs (4) 39p instead of £2

Asda deals

3 lge red onions 50p instead of 70p
3 lge white onion 50p instead of 85p
1.2kg pears £1.50 instead of £2
1lk carrots 50p instead of 60p
Soup mix 500g 75p instead of £1

Once you've down loaded the app you go to categories, then fruit and vegetables the fruit and vegetable offers. You can change supermarket using the tab at the bottom. You can look at all offers throughout the store and compare prices once you've searched for something. For example, Nescafe Gold Blend is cheapest in Lidl at £3.99. Country Life 500g spreadable butter is only £2 in Tesco and available until 1st October. 
It's an extremely useful tool and I love it. Yes there are some swaps and labelling that doesn't make sense. But if you play with it you can save serious money and always get the best value for every pound spend. And you don't have to trudge around the shops you simply search in the app. I build a shopping list over a number of days sometimes weeks checking and double checking where I should buy things. My shopping habits have changed dramatically bulk buying items when they can be found at a low, low price. 

Thank you all for your comments on the last post, you are all amazingly supportive. Thank you again. Tx 


  1. Yes very useful I use it myself, every penny saved all helps. xx

  2. I like Mysupermarket too for checking prices, although I didn't know about the browse option, thanks for that.

    1. I always have a browse through to see what's on offer.

  3. MySupermarket is well used in this household too.

  4. This is a really useful post thank you. Enjoy your bargains!

  5. I like My Supermarket too. Vry helpful.

    1. It means I can base my meal plan around the items bought. I'll be stocking up on broccoli as its reduced.