Tuesday, 12 November 2019

A Yearly Challenge

Bearing in mind I wanted to start a challenge which meant clawing back the yearly costs of running my car (not Petrol)I went on line to order some grocery cards.  Hubby's company offer us discounts if we buy shopping cards and the discounts more than make up for any lost interest in the bank. You can't get 4% or 7% anywhere. 

Asda Grocery  £400   cost  £384  saving £16 4%
Tesco Grocery £500   cost  £480  saving £20 4%
Multi Card       £300   cost  £279  saving £21 7% (40stores including Iceland) 
         Total    £1200  cost £1143  saving £57

That's £57 towards my car costs £418.80.   £1200 is £100 a month which allows a further £20-30 to be spent at other stores. I've been actively looking out yellow stickers and I took advantage of a 25% Asda clothing to buy the usual underwear/socks stocking fillers for Christmas a further £26. Unfortunately Tesco's receipt doesn't give the original price so you have to look at every pack to do a tally.  I did get some beef in gravy for 88p instead of £3.50! 

I'll be seeking out as many yellow stickers as possible throughout the next year. I need to save on average £8  a week to reach my target. 

CAR  £263.80
BRAKES £90.00
MOT £65.00
Total Cost £418.80
Discount Place  Original Cost New Cost Savings Date
Supermarket Cards  £1,200.00 £1,143.00 £57.00 22.10.19
Yellow Sticker Tesco £4.56 £2.43 £2.13 22.10.19
Asda Clothes Discount 25% £104.00 £74.00 £26.00 17.1019 Xmas Bits
Yellow Sticker Tesco £14.32 £3.99 £10.33 22.10.19
Yellow Sticker Tesco £10.64 £4.71 £5.93 22.10.19
Yellow Sticker Asda £8.49 £5.09 £3.40 24.10.19
Bye for now. Tx 


  1. That's something I've learnt. Never heard of shopping cards before. Yes, annoying about the Tesco receipts, you have to check each item for the original price. I no longer do that.

    1. I'm lucky as the cards are part of my husband's perks. We get deals through his company.

  2. Me neither, didn't know there was such a thing as shopping cards.

    1. My husband works for a tiny cog in a huge company and this is a employees reward scheme. Lots of companies have them now.

  3. That's a new one to me as well. Interesting.

  4. Will you physically put the money you 'save' to one side in an account (as if you actually spent it) or do you have another method so it'll be there when you need it?

    1. Yes Cathy I'll be putting £100 each month into my cashbuilder account from my pension, ready to buy the next ones.

  5. That's great about the cards, there's not much companies give out these days so every little helps. You've made a cracking start if you've already saved £104. I don't doubt you'll hit your weekly target and I have a feeling you're going to hit the overall target a lot sooner than you think :) xx

    1. I've got to hear myself to shopping at a different time and be prepared to change meal plans.

  6. I am amazed at your maths skills to be honest. My brain would just go to fuzz with all that. Probably just as well we don't have all those kinds of schemes over here in France I guess. I see people in the US downloading coupons and so on and wonder "why not here"? Oh well, I guess you just get used to what you have don't you. (That being said, I'm off on a day trip to Italy in 10 days so maybe that is how we "save" money - change countries)!

    1. When I've shopped in America, I love that they're all geared up for coupons. The lady on the checkout ran off to get us the coupons for various things we bought. We get very few coupons in the UK,bits more loyalty cards but they've been devalued more and more.

  7. Lots of stores here have those cards, however that discount you get from your Husbands job is awesome.

    God bless.

    1. It is good value especially when you know you are going to spend that money anyway.

  8. It's keeping ourselves accountable like this that really focuses the mind and make challenges worth doing isn't it. You've made a brilliant start there.

    1. Thanks Sue, I just need to target yellow sticker stuff over the next 11 months.

  9. You have made a brilliant start. I hadn't heard of shopping cards either but they are well worth taking advantage of, aren't they. You have some smart savings already.

  10. When I was working full time it was for a company where we could buy shopping vouchers at a discount. We also had other great staff benefits. I miss them as the company I now work for doesn't give us anything.

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