Monday, 23 March 2020

Good and Bad

Last week was full of emotion as we sail into uncharted waters. Hubby celebrated his birthday without seeing the children and grandchildren and of course the situation remained the same for Mothers day yesterday. My poor Bertie can't understand why we wont let him say hello to the rare person we see on our walks.  But social distancing means the same for him.

Hubby has been a bit like Prince  Charles who kept offering his hand before being reminded 'No Handshaking' by his aides. SEE HERE: He will walk over and start chatting to people and I keep reminding him 6-7ft social distancing. Talk if you really need to but keep your distance.

My eldest daughter is struggling, she is the UK marketing manager for a hospital supplier. Her phone hasn't stopped ringing and of course she has the children at home and we can't help. We spoke to the boys telling them they need to be good and help around the house because mummy is helping to save lives by getting the right equipment to the hospitals that desperately need it.

I really want to use up as much as possible before I go back to the shops looking for stuff. I went through the cupboards and freezers last Thursday and sorted everything into food types. Meat, Breads, vegetables and dairy. There was a large chicken at the bottom from Lidl last November priced £2.38. After defrosting it I placed it in the slow cooker with some stock, 4 hours later it was falling off the bone. I bagged up 5 portions that will be added to various things to form a meal.  The pot was still hot from the chicken when I added half a bag of YS stock veg.  I also added a tub of odds and sods veg I'd frozen (spring onion, kale, corn, pepper, mushroom and celery) and a sprinkling of lentils.

This is when herbs and spices help so much, onion salt, garlic granules, cumin and season all. We've had one portion as soup and another a stew with some shredded chicken and mash potato.
My phone sprung into life early on Thursday.  It was the British Blood team asking me to keep my appointment despite what was going on in the world. Blood donations went ahead on Thursday with a few additional safety tweaks to the normal routine. There was lots of Thank You's for your donation as the virus has people running for the hills.

I love some of the Memes etc that have done the rounds as a result of the Corona Virus.

  •  The clocks go forwards next weekend, Not sure how far forward but I  THINK 4 months would be good!
  •  Sign seen in Book shop Window: Please note: The post-apocalyptical fiction section has now been moved to CURRENT AFFAIRS!
  •  House Rules2: Do you go in the fridge at School? Umm no! So use your school stomach.
  •   Careless walking costs LIVES. 

Bye for now. Tx 


  1. Another thing I do with a bit of leftover soup is to put it on top of pasta (if you have any), then top with grated cheese. Makes a nice, filling and cheap meal. We won’t be seeing our newborn granddaughter for the foreseeable future either, annoyed and sad.

    1. Great idea. I think the social isolation is the hardest part of this.

  2. It does take some getting used to doesn't it. I went to hug somebody last week and had to abruptly stop myself. Hope your DD is managing to take some time for herself even if it's just 5 minutes locked in the loo with no children or phone to answer to.

    Love the house rule about the fridge. Think I need to print that off and stick it on mine.

    Take care and stay safe. xx

  3. I'm glad that's people are finding humour at this time.